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DEFY, the captivating play-to-earn NFT Blockchain mobile game.

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Gamesfy Game Details
Gamesfy Game Details

What is Defy?

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DEFY, the captivating play-to-earn NFT Blockchain mobile game, thrusts players (known as Operatives) into a groundbreaking metaverse that seamlessly bridges the virtual and physical realms. Through a blend of hyper casual code breaking gameplay, learn-to-earn mechanics, real-world exploration, and AR adventures, players are fully immersed in an unparalleled gaming experience. With an eye on scale and lasting appeal, DEFY's in-game economy adopts a dual currency model, complemented by an extensive range of customizable and tradable game assets. The game further rewards dedicated players through multiple incentive mechanisms, encouraging them to invest their efforts and skills. The game's versatility is showcased through premium and free-to-play user pathways, ensuring broad user acquisition and retention. An innovative graduation scholarship system is set to revolutionize the pathway towards flexible work freedom for play-to-earn enthusiasts.

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