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My Pet Hooligan

A Free-to-Play immersive and open world where players can explore, fight, socialize, and collect items.

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What is My Pet Hooligan?

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Discover the cutting-edge realm of gaming with My Pet Hooligan, an exhilarating social-action game fueled by a thriving community. Immerse yourself in dynamic combat against rival Hooligans, Factions, and the formidable ZuckCorp, while competing, socializing, and unleashing your creativity in a variety of game modes. Embark on a free-to-play open world adventure, where you can explore, battle, and collect exclusive items. My Pet Hooligan sets itself apart by seamlessly integrating blockchain and AI technologies, elevating your gaming experience and granting you true ownership of digital assets. Become a part of the rebellion within this vibrant ecosystem, teeming with captivating content, collectibles, and innovative creator tools. Embrace the future of gaming, community, and ownership by securing your spot on the waitlist for our Beta launch, and be among the first to experience a game that redefines the very essence of play.

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