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Diverse 3D virtual space‌ where you make your own content and profit from your creations.

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What is SecondLive?

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Experience the boundless possibilities of SecondLive, a dynamic "Diverse 3D Virtual Space" designed to cater to your socializing, space sharing, gaming, content creation, and profit-making needs. This immersive platform grants you the freedom to unleash your creativity within its free and open world, akin to the popular game "Minecraft." Here, you can construct captivating scenes, craft unique assets, and even showcase your artistic prowess. Harnessing the power of User-Generated Content (UGC) and AI-generated elements, SecondLive is on a mission to forge a revolutionary Web3 open Metaverse, poised to serve a staggering 1 billion individuals worldwide. What sets this virtual realm apart is that any assets created by its inhabitants belong solely to the creators themselves. The ownership of these assets empowers users to engage in various scenarios, such as trading, leasing, combining, exhibiting, and more, mirroring the interactions found in the beloved world of "Animal Crossing."

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